Code Enforcement

The Planning Department responds to complaints of high grass, junk/debris, inoperable vehicles, and other nuisance conditions that may be detrimental to nearby properties and the community at large.

Our department also pursues violations of the zoning ordinance. If you have any questions regarding the allowable uses, structures, setbacks, height and other zoning regulations on your property, please consult the Zoning Ordinance, Town Code Chapter 42, or contact us directly.

Report a Violation

To report a violation, please call the Planning Department at 540-382-6120 or use the Online Violation Complaint Form.

In order to provide reasonable notice of the violation and allow time for the responsible party to abate the violation, please be aware that a nuisance complaint may take several weeks to resolve. If desired, we are happy to keep you informed on the status of the complaint.

If you were cited for a violation, please contact the staff member listed on the letter you received. Our goal is to obtain voluntary compliance when possible and we are generally able to make reasonable accommodations if you are actively working towards compliance.