Land Use and Development

The Planning Department works closely with the Building and Engineering Departments on land use, development, and building construction projects. We are committed to providing responsive service to your project, no matter how large or small. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding permit requirements, processes, and applicable regulations.

Public Hearings

The Planning Department is the lead staff support on land use-related public hearings, including rezonings and conditional use permits. If your development project will require a rezoning or conditional use permit, please contact us to further discuss the submittal requirements.

The public hearing process generally take around 10 weeks from application submission to final action by Town Council. The typical process will consist of four public meetings, including separate public hearings before both the Planning Commission and Town Council.

General timeline of public hearing process

Subdivision Plats

The subdivision of property, lot line adjustments, and the dedication or vacation of public easements or rights-of-way require a plat of survey to be approved by the Town of Christiansburg. For more information on plat requirements, please see the Subdivision Review Notes Help Sheet or contact the Planning Department.

Site Plans

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) reviews site plans on a rolling basis, and the developer is encouraged to attend the scheduled TRC meeting to obtain feedback on their plans. The TRC process offers a predictable review schedule and provides a comprehensive initial plan review

If you have a commercial or larger-scale residential development project, please consult the Engineering Department’s Land Development Handbook for information regarding the permitting requirements and TRC review process.

Building Permits

To obtain a building permit, please contact the Building Department.