Winter Weather Solid Waste

If snow has fallen on your collection day, please do not place your garbage and recycling carts at the curb line. Instead, place your carts inside of your driveway entrance or on the curb, just off of the street.

Will my solid waste be collected during severe winter weather?

Collection is generally not disrupted due to winter weather, but delays do occasionally occur.

Complete cancellation of solid waste collection due to winter storms is a rare occurrence; but is possible. These situations are dictated by the weather event. In the rare case that garbage collection is canceled, this information will be communicated through local media outlets and on the Town’s website.

Is it possible to roll the carts through snow?

Yes, but there are limitations. You may have to clear a path to the curb first.

What if it’s snowing so hard & the snow becomes so deep that I am unable to roll the cart to the curbside?

The Town makes every effort to collect your solid waste during the normally scheduled collection day.

If the snow becomes too much of an obstacle for you to maneuver your cart to the curb, then you will either need to clear a path to the curb or hold your materials until your next scheduled collection day.

If I normally place my cart on the grass next to my driveway, where should I place it during the wintertime when it snows?

If your cart cannot be placed along the curb line or within your driveway entrance, you will need to shovel a level area on the curb that is large enough for your cart to fit.

Where may I place my cart in the event that there is a snow bank at the curb?

If your cart will not fit inside of your driveway entrance then you may need to shovel an opening into the snow bank where the cart may be placed.

Please do not place your cart on a snow bank unless you have shoveled a level opening in the bank where your garbage can be collected. Your garbage will not be collected if the cart is placed on too uneven a surface because the garbage truck’s mechanical arm may not be able to reach the cart.

What if I still have questions?

Should you still have unanswered questions, please call 540-382-1151.