Public Works

Around the country, public works departments work to maintain the infrastructure of towns and cities.

Christiansburg Public Works is made up of four divisions, each dedicated to maintaining and enhancing quality of life for residents.

General Services Division

  • Solid Waste & Recycling Collection

    Provides solid waste collection weekly, and manages the Town's recycling contractor which collects every other week. Other duties include commercial waste management.
  • Facilities & Building Maintenance

    Supports building maintenance for 25 town facilities. Building maintenance includes custodial services HVAC, electrical, locksmith, fire suppression, painting, building construction and renovations, lighting, furniture assembly, periodic maintenance and fabrication.
  • Fleet Services

    Responsible for vehicle maintenance and repair for gas, diesel and small engines, as well as performs fabrication, heavy equipment maintenance, repair and conducts state inspections on town vehicles.
  • Warehouse Services

    Handles inventory management, procurement, contract management and provides parts delivery service.

Streets Division

  • Pavement Maintenance

    Maintains and repairs 250 lane miles of roadway, walking trails and facility parking areas in town limits.
  • Right of Way (ROW) Maintenance

    Responsible for the maintenance, repair and installation of the Town's right of way areas, including mowing, planting and watering flowers, tree maintenance, installing utilities and conducting repairs as needed at each location.
  • Storm Water Maintenance

    Responsible for maintaining, repairing and installing stormwater infrastructure, such as culverts, ditches and drainage structures.
    • Street Sweeping Services
    • Stormwater Compliance
  • Traffic Operations

    Maintains, repairs and installs the Town's traffic control devices, such as traffic signs, pavement markings and traffic signals, as well as complying with federal, state and local standards. 

    The Town does not maintain street lights. Please contact American Electric Power at

Utilities Division

  • Construction

    Responsible for some of the Town’s infrastructure projects and site development projects.
  • Water Maintenance

    Oversees the maintenance, repairs and installation of the Town’s water system, which consists of 150 miles of water main, as well as ensuring the Town’s water supply complies with local, state and federal standards.
  • Wastewater Maintenance

    Responsible for maintaining, repairing and installing the Town’s sanitary sewer system, which consists of 155 miles of sewer main and 4,207 manhole structures, as well as provides assistance to customers experiencing a sewer issue in their home.

    Got a sewer blockage?
    Before you call a plumbing contractor, customers are encouraged to contact the Town so that Wastewater Maintenance can verify that the Town’s sewer system is operating properly. The Town is responsible for the system from the sewer main to the cleanout assembly, and the customer is responsible from the cleanout to the home. If there is no issue found on the Town side of the cleanout, and the sewer system is operating properly in the area, then the customer will need to contact a plumbing contractor. 
  • Water Meter Operations

    Responsible for maintenance, operation and compliance of the Town’s meter reading system consisting of over 10,000 water meters (residential and commercial), four water storage facilities and four water pump station facilities, as well as performing bimonthly meter readings, fire hydrant maintenance and quality and control of the water system.

    At the request of our customers, the following water services are offered at no cost.
    • Pressure check
    • Leak check
    • Emergency turn-off

Wastewater Division

The Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) on Crab Creek Road opened in 1980. The facility was built to grow with the town, with the capacity to treat six million gallons per day.

  • Laboratory

    Responsibilities consist of bi-solids and pre-Treatment compliance with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).
  • Maintenance

    Responsible for the preventative maintenance and repairs to the WWTF and the seventeen wastewater pump stations located throughout town.
  • Operations

    Responsible for assuring the treatment process is performed with compliance before releasing back into the environment. 

To report an after-hours maintenance emergency like a water main break or sewerage stoppage, please call 540-382-4343.