Recreation Center Rentals

Rental Fees

Fees apply to individuals and private groups. For more information regarding rental availability and rules, contact Nick Yopp, Parks and Recreation Supervisor of Camps, Tournaments and Master Scheduler of Facilities at (540) 382-2349 x 2007 or

                         TOWN RESIDENT/TOWN EMPLOYEE                                       NON-RESIDENT
                                                       RATE PER HOUR                                                        RATE PER HOUR

Multi-purpose Room                          $30.00/hr.                                                            $40.00/hr.

Classroom                                           $15.00/hr.                                                            $25.00/hr.


                                                     RATE WITHOUT                                                 RATE WITH
                                                     SCOREBOARD                                                  SCOREBOARD

Basketball Courts*                             $30.00/hr.                                                     $35.00/hr.            

 *Cleaning Fee: $30 for rentals of up to 75 people

**Rental requests will only be honored if the contract is signed, returned and payment is made within 48 hours.  

Rental Application

Rental Layout Options for 25 people or less

Rental Layout Options for 75 people or less

Christiansburg Recreation Center Rental Policies

  • Rentals will only be available when the requested area is not being utilized for Christiansburg Department of Parks and Recreation programs.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to rent areas in the Recreation Center. 
  • Check with the Master Scheduler for rental availability.
  • If the area to be rented is available, a contract will be made that the renter must sign and pay in full within 48 hours in order for the area to be held. The receipt must be brought to the rental and shown to front desk staff to prove payment.
  • Rental reservations will not be made more than 30 days in advance unless otherwise approved by Administration and not less than one week in advance for rooms and two days in advance for courts of the date requested. 
  • All rentals must be completed within one hour of the Recreation Center closing time.
  • Programs, classes and meetings sponsored by the Christiansburg Parks and Recreation take priority over any rental applications.
  • Christiansburg Parks and Recreation will not assume responsibility for any personal property used on Town of Christiansburg premises.
  • Any damage to Town of Christiansburg premises or extra cleaning required as a result of the group’s use must be paid by that group or individual.
  • No admissions may be charged and no sales may be conducted unless approved by Recreation Center Administration staff.      
  • Smoking or the use of any tobacco products is prohibited in the Christiansburg Recreation Center.
  • Only non-alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the Christiansburg Recreation Center.
  • All areas must be left clean and orderly.  A Recreation Supervisor will check the area after the rental and it must be left in excellent condition, or an additional $30 cleaning fee may be added for rentals of up to 75people. Renters may elect to pay the $30 cleaning fee prior to the event, in which case the Recreation Center staff will handle tear down and cleanup of the rental. Rentals of over 75 people will be charged a $50 cleaning fee.
  • Stored materials are for the Christiansburg Parks and Recreation use only.
  • Confirmation for a specific area rental does not include group usage or other areas in the Christiansburg Recreation Center.  Regular Christiansburg Recreation Center policies will be followed at all times.
  • Participants using the Christiansburg Recreation Center must enter through the main doors near the Recreation Center Supervisor and Equipment Station.  Parking must be in the main lot only.  Please do not park in the staff lot.  
  • Rental fees:  Individuals and Private groups. 
  • A custodian (cleaning fee) may also be required in addition to rental fees. 
  • All rentals will be based on a two-hour minimum.  All rental fees are subject to change.
  • Rental requests for tradeshows, conferences, concerts and any other event that may require the use of the entire Christiansburg Recreation Center will be determined by the Director of Parks and Recreation and Christiansburg Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.