Harkrader Sports Complex Rentals

Fill out a form here to rent the batting cage, baseball/softball fields or shelters at Harkrader Sports Complex.

Outdoor Sports Facilities Rental Policies

  • Rentals will only be available when the requested area is not being utilized for Christiansburg Parks and Recreation Programs.
  • Check with the supervisor of outdoor facilities and parks and/or athletic supervisor for rental availability.
  • If the area to be rented is available, a contract will be made that the renter must sign and pay in full in order for the facility to be held. Please bring the contract the day of the rental. Download a copy of the Sports Field Application (PDF) with prices and field information.
  • Rental reservations may not be made more than 30 days in advance and not less than two weeks in advance of the date requested.
  • Athletic functions and programs sponsored by Christiansburg Parks and Recreation take first priority over any rental application.
  • Christiansburg Parks and Recreation will not assume responsibility for any personal property used on Town of Christiansburg premises.
  • Any damages to Town of Christiansburg premises or extra cleaning required as a result of the group’s use must be paid by that group or individual.
  • No admissions may be charged and no sales may be conducted unless approved by the Town of Christiansburg.
  • Smoking or use of any tobacco products is prohibited on athletic facility grounds.
  • Only non-alcoholic beverages will be allowed on athletic facility grounds.
  • Commitments will not be made for weekly, monthly, or yearly rentals.
  • All areas must be left clean and orderly. A recreation supervisor will check the area after the rental and it must be left in excellent condition or an additional fee may be added.
  • Stored materials are for Christiansburg Parks and Recreation only.
  • Rental of one field does not include usage of all fields, only the field in said agreement.
  • Field rules and regulations apply. View a full copy of the outdoor sports facility usage guidelines (PDF).
  • Parking is only allowed in designated areas, not on grassy areas or the surrounding track.
  • Contact the supervisor of outdoor sports facilities and parks for rental fees.
  • A custodian and/or supervisor fee may also be required in addition to rental fees.
  • All rentals will be based on a two-hour minimum. All rental fees are subject to change.
  • Rental requests for special events that require the use of the entire athletic facility will be determined by the Director of Christiansburg Parks and Recreation and the Christiansburg Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.