Rates & Fees

Sale of Plots

Please note: Plots may be purchased with no less than 20% down. The remainder must be paid in full within one year or before any of the plot(s) are used.
Section Y
Other Sections
Section S (New) $1,000


Niche Fee
Single $1,550
Single add-on $1,000
Double $2,150

Opening & Closing Costs

Please note: All opening/closing costs must be paid prior to the opening of the grave site.
Weekend and Town Holidays
Weekdays - Cremation
Weekends and Holidays - Cremations

Additional Information

50% down with the remainder due within 90 days is acceptable only in extreme cases with approval of Town administration.

Funeral homes shall notify Sunset Cemetery if they have agreed to collect opening and closing costs, however, they are not required to collect the fees for the Town.

For more information, please contact Sunset Cemetery at 540-382-3408 or by email.