Community Support Grants


The Town Council established this policy to allocate funding to 501c3 non-profit community organizations that: (1) assist economically disadvantaged citizens who are in need of assistance to support their general health, welfare and well being or (2) provide for cultural and historical preservation amenities and programs that benefit our community.

Application process:

Request for grants and organizational support must be submitted on or before February 1st to be considered for the upcoming fiscal year. Late submissions will not be considered and will be returned.

Grants are approved during the budget process and approved by majority vote of Council.


Click here for instructions on how to apply. 

Forms 1A, 1B and 1C must be completed in full. Applicants must complete ALL shaded areas of the application (do not put “see attached”). 

If you have applied for funding from other local governmental entities listed on Form 1B you must attach a copy of each application. If these applications are not included in your submission your application will be rejected.  

Attach all required documentation and submit on or before February 1 for the following fiscal year grants.   

Attachments required: 

Proof of 501c3 status

Most recent form 990 or postcard filing or audited financial statements.

Ownership proof for building modifications

We do not fund national initiatives, individual scholarships, K-12, political, religious, labor, fraternal organizations, recreational, and economic development activities. The funding maybe used for all costs as disclosed in your application but may NOT be used for salaries and wages.   

Each applicant must be a 501c3 organization and may be eligible for up to $10,000 annually in support funds for 3 of 5 years in a five-year rolling period (the 5 years prior to the year you are making application for). The first year of the five-year rolling period will begin with first year of approval.  (2024)

For example, if you were funded in 2024, 2025 and 2026 you would not be eligible for funding again until 2029. If you were funded in 2024, 2026, 2028; you would be eligible for funding again in 2030 but would not be eligible in 2029.  

Applicants may not apply for a façade grant in any year in which they are receiving a community support grant.

Return proposals to:

Town of Christiansburg | Attn: Director of Finance\Treasurer Valerie Tweedie CPA | 100 E. Main St. | Christiansburg, VA 24073 

or scan and email to

Capital improvements-building improvements:

If the request is for building modifications the building must be owned by the 501c3 organization and receipts and invoices for the work performed must be provided. Copy of ownership information must be attached to the application.

Match requirements:

All applicants must provide a cash match and/or volunteer hours match equal to the funds requested.    If your request is for $5,000 then you must provide proof of other cash funding equal to $5,000 and/or proof of volunteer hours to equal the required match. For example, $5,000 in cash match from a state grant or contributions, OR $2500 in grant funds or donations and $2,500 of volunteer hours. (Volunteer hours are valued at $20 per hour and a log must be provided. All cash match and volunteer hours must occur in the period of the grant. (July 1, to June 30, for the year of award.)

Requests for disbursement:

The request for the disbursement of the funds must occur on or before May 15th of the fiscal year of the grant with all supporting documentation or the grant funds will be forfeited for that year.  Requests for disbursement after this date will not be funded. Use Form 1D for requesting your disbursement of funds.  Be sure to include proof of cash match funds and/or volunteer hours log within the grant period (July 1, to June 30, for the year of award).

Policy effective date 10-11-2022