File a Complaint/Commend an Employee

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Form 2-6(B)

If you wish to make a complaint or commendation concerning the actions of a Christiansburg Police Department employee or about any aspect of the Christiansburg Police operations, please complete this form. Alternate methods of making a complaint / commendation include: in person (at the Police Department at 10 East Main Street), by phone (382-3131), by mail (Chief of Police, Christiansburg Police Department, 10 East Main St., Christiansburg, VA 24073), or by e-mailing them directly to

This form asks you to identify yourself and give specific details about the complaint/commendation. You will receive a letter from the Chief of Police acknowledging receipt of your submission and that an investigation has been initiated. It is possible that you may be contacted and asked additional questions. Once the submission has been investigated and reviewed, the Chief of Police will write you a letter explaining the outcome.

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