The stormwater credit system is intended to recognize and/or promote on-site systems, facilities, measures, or other actions that mitigate the impact and improve the quality of stormwater runoff to our local water bodies.

The credit system is based on the management of stormwater quantity and stormwater quality as established in Virginia’s Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) and mirrored in Town Code Chapter 16, Environment. Site designs that employ stormwater facilities to address stormwater quantity and quality under the VSMP program, provide water quality best management practices (BMPs) to the standards and specifications of Virginia Administrative Code section 9VAC25-870 and the Virginia Stormwater BMP Clearinghouse. Water quantity management is based on the control of specific design rain storms that are based on the probability of a storm occurring in any particular time period.

The credit system provides the opportunity to recognize and credit innovative stormwater practices that reduce stormwater runoff volumes, enhance water quality, or provide other stormwater benefits. The credit system conforms with the Code of Virginia Regulation of Stormwater section 15.2-2114 by allowing for fee reductions for entities that evaluate strategies, techniques, or programs that reduce stormwater flow or pollutant loadings, or decrease the cost of maintaining or operating the public stormwater system. Innovative practices and corresponding credits will be evaluated on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Director of Engineering so that credits provided will be based on a sound and consistent credit policy.

Using these existing water quantity and quality standards provides the Town an equitable credit system that is compliant with the enabling state code for establishment of an enterprise fund. The credit system and percentage reductions in fees will be identical across residential and non-residential land uses and will be based on these established criteria. Re-development and new development that meet the threshold for addressing stormwater will use identical standards and specifications to meet development and utility credit requirements, therefore no new procedures and administrative evaluations are necessary to determine credits.

Stormwater Utility Credit Application Form (PDF)
Stormwater Utility Credit Manual (PDF)
Biorentention Maintenance & Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Extended Detention Ponds Maintenance & Inspection Checklist (PDF)
Infiltration Practices Maintenance & Inspection Checklist (PDF)
Wet Ponds Maintenance & Inspection Checklist (PDF)