Development Handbook


The Town of Christiansburg recognizes the need for a unified Town-wide Development Handbook that identifies minimum Standards and Design Criteria to be used for development and redevelopment within the Town limits. The purpose of the Handbook is to present the minimum standards and design criteria and identify references for use in the planning, design and construction of new development and redevelopment in the Town of Christiansburg.

The minimum standards for site and land development are intended to protect and promote the general welfare of all citizens by accomplishing these goals:

  • Design/construction of safe and durable streets, driveways and parking lots.
  • Design/construction of stormwater drainage systems to reduce flooding.
  • Complete and accurate plans to ensure grading and property issues are addressed.
  • Measures to control erosion and sediment during construction.
  • Reduction and control of stormwater pollution through good design features.

The Development Handbook is provided to assist developers, engineers, contractors, inspectors and property owners in compiling the minimum information needed for presenting a proposed project for review. This Handbook contains the minimum requirements applicable to most properties; however, the design engineer (with assistance from other design professionals as needed) must thoroughly investigate field conditions to ensure the intent of the regulations are being met.

Permit Application and Plan Review

Permit Application Instructions and Guidance (PDF) (Updated 9/14/22)

Development Review Checklist (XLS) (Updated 03/01/22)

2019 CGP Registration Statement (PDF) (Updated 12/11/20)

VSMP Permit Fee Schedule (PDF)

Stormwater Management Facilities/BMP Maintenance Agreement (PDF) (Updated 6/3/22)

Erosion and Sediment Control Bond Calculator (XLS) (Updated 12/22/20)

Stormwater Management Facility (BMP) Bond Calculator (XLS) (Updated 11/16/2021)

Erosion and Sediment Control Bond Template (DOC) (Updated 06/01/21)

Stormwater Management/BMP Bond Template (DOC) (Updated 06/01/21)

Public Improvement Bond Template (DOC) (Updated 06/01/21)

Letter of Credit Template (DOC)

Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Application (PDF)

Land Disturbance Permit Application (PDF)


Pre-Construction Instructions and Guidance (PDF)


Final Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Inspection Checklist for Infrastructure Improvements (PDF) (Updated 11/29/2022)

Notice of Termination (PDF)

Post-Construction Compliance Certificate (PDF)

Other Forms

Additional development-related forms (includes CGP/SWPPP forms, Town Site Plan Cover Sheet, etc.)