Clearview Drive Water Pressure Improvements

In the coming months, the Town of Christiansburg will be transferring water service lines along a section of Clearview Drive to a higher pressure system to improve residents' water pressure.

Due to the elevation of several homes in the area in relation to the surrounding water tanks, pressure is currently below the desired level of service. The homes selected for this change are between Victory Heights and Wimmer Street along Clearview Drive. Currently, most service pressures in the area are around 20 psi.

Clearview Drive

After the change, pressures will rise approximately 50 psi and the new service pressure is estimated to be between 65 and 75 psi.

The Town’s goal is to provide an improved level of service to its residents. System pressure will not exceed the minimum requirement that plumbing systems are required to withstand, a standard established by the Virginia Uniform State Building Code. Work will require boring under the street and providing temporary traffic controls. When the waterlines are replaced, a temporary water service interruption will be necessary, but Town Public Works personnel will notify those affected of that date prior to any disruption.

Constructionis expected to begin in FY19.