Water Meter Upgrades

The Town of Christiansburg began upgrading its water meters in 2015.

The new system provides a communications network that fully automates the meter reading process. Transceivers on the water meters gather and pass data to area gateways, which collect and upload water usage data. These upgrades are expected to reap a variety of benefits, including more efficient use of Town staff, monthly billing for our citizens, and online monitoring of water usage.

Previously, Town crews manually read each water meter. This method took time, as town staff had to visit each meter and then enter each reading. The new water meters have the ability to transmit readings almost immediately, meaning that usage can be closely tracked and leaks and water outages can be identified more quickly.

The new technology also alleviates reading delays during inclement weather, as well as contributes to the safety and efficiency of Town crews. Because the meters are able to “talk” to one another, reading levels can be transmitted to Town staff even if the meter is buried under snow.

After project completion, the Town updated its billing process. Instead of billing customers every other month, we began billing customers monthly. This eliminated delays in billing for usage. Now, customers can access an online tool that allows you to set limits to your water usage, monitor your account and receive alerts if a leak is detected or your usage is reaching your set limits. Signing up is easy - just email your name, service street address, account ID, preferred username, email address and preferred display name to our email address. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to view your account.

Meter Reading