Depot Street Project

In conjunction with the new Christiansburg Pump Station that was constructed on Quin W. Stuart Boulevard, the Depot Street Project (Water System Upgrade Phase 6) improves the Town’s ability to deliver large amounts of drinking water to the eastern portion of Town.

The Blacksburg, Christiansburg, VPI Water Authority constructed a new pump station along Quin W. Stuart Boulevard. This station replaced two smaller existing pump stations.

The Depot Street Project constructed a new 16-inch water transmission main to deliver large amounts of water from the new pump station to the eastern portion of town.

The water main begins on Holmes Street and follows Depot Street to the Railroad Crossing near the Christiansburg Livestock Market. It then crosses Hans Meadow Road and follows Scott Street to Hungate Street, ending at the intersection with Roanoke Street. This route was elected to minimize cost, construction time, and disruption to residents and businesses.

The Depot Street Project was approved in the F.Y. 2012-13 annual budget and rolled over to the F.Y. 2013-14 annual budget at an estimated cost of $1,800,000.