Arbor Drive/Peppers Ferry Intersection Improvement

This project will involve the construction of a left-turn lane from Arbor Drive, curb and gutter, a sidewalk, accessible ramps, crosswalks, median modifications and a signal head addition. Preliminary design is underway, and construction is estimated to begin early 2022. This project is partially funded by VDOT.  arbordriveintersection


  • Total Length of Project – 950 feet
  • From – Peppers Ferry Road
  • To – 850 feet North of Peppers Ferry Road
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT) – 14,000 per day in 2018

Estimated Project Cost 

Total Estimated Cost: $1,478,186

  • Preliminary Engineering (PE): $313,839
  • Right of Way & Utilities (RW): $47,680
  • Construction (CN): $1,116,667

Total Funding Allocation: $1,478,186

  • Revenue Sharing Funds (50% Grant): $678,680
  • Local Revenue Sharing Funds Match (50% Match): $678,680
  • Additional Local Funds: $120,826

Anticipated Schedule

  • Right of Way Acquisition & Utility Relocations: February 2021
  • Begin Construction: January 2022

A link to the 60% plan submittal is available here.  The improvements shown thereon do not indicate that improvements to a property are imminent or that a decision on an improvement has been made.

Willingness to Hold a Public Hearing

Find out about the proposal to construct a dedicated southbound left turn-lane from Arbor Drive including curb and gutter, sidewalk, accessible ramps, crosswalks, median modifications, and limited access control changes at its intersection with Peppers Ferry Road. 

To request a hard copy of the project information sheet and related documents, please call the Engineering Department at (540) 382-6120.  An exhibit to illustrate the proposed change in limited access is provided here.

Questions and concerns regarding the project can be addressed to Mr. Wayne Nelson, P.E., Director of Engineering by phone at 540-382-6120 or by email at If your concerns cannot be satisfied, the Town of Christiansburg is willing to hold a public hearing. You may request that a public hearing be held and submit public comments related to the proposed limited access control changes by sending a written request to Mr. Wayne Nelson, P.E., Director of Engineering, Town of Christiansburg, 100 East Main Street, Christiansburg, VA  24073, on or prior to November 10, 2020. If a request for a public hearing is received, notice of date, time and place of the hearing will be posted. 

 The Town of Christiansburg ensures nondiscrimination and equal employment in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information in regards to your civil rights on this project or need special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, contact Wayne Nelson at the telephone number listed above.