Edgewood and Craig Mountain Pump Station Improvements

The Edgewood Station was constructed in 1973 and includes two split case pumps and a 5,000 gallon horizontal hydropneumatic tank. The pumps were designed to provide fire flows to the discharge high pressure system. The Town is building a new pressure boosting facility similar to those at Buffalo and Lubna to continue providing the higher service pressure and increased fire flow to the area.

The Craig Mountain Station was constructed in 1986 and includes two small end-suction pumps and a horizontal hydropneumatic tank, similar to the Edgewood station. The Craig Mountain Station is not designed or required to discharge fire flows.

The Edgewood pump station.

Edgewood Station

The station serves approximately 10 residential connections; however, additional connections are planned in the future. The existing facility will be reused instead of building a new structure.

The upgrades at these two facilities will include new pumps and controls to replace the existing systems as well as aesthetic repairs. These repairs will ensure that customers served by these facilities continue to receive a high level of service and ensure that fire flow requirements are satisfied.