Police Services Agreement

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Event Information
To be filled out when requesting services from the Christiansburg Police Department for an event.
Christiansburg Police Department shall provide the following:

Police Officers including patrol cars, uniforms, and all other equipment necessary to perform the normal job duties of a police officer. It is further understood that officers shall be fully uniformed and vested with police power as given by the Code of Virginia. Any officer-related injury will be covered by the insurance policy and/ or workers compensation held by the Town of Christiansburg. Officers shall be employed for the sole purpose of law enforcement duties only, and shall not be asked nor required to perform any job duty not specified to a law enforcement function.

Completion of this form indicates an understanding of the following:

1) I am an authorized representative of my organization and have the full authority of the organization to make this request for police services.

2) If payment is not made, I (personally) will be held civilly responsible for the full payment to the Town of Christiansburg.

3) The full payment shall be made within 30 days of employment to avoid interest and late fee charges.

4) The current overtime rate is set by the Town of Christiansburg and additionally that the rate is not negotiable.

5) Outside police overtime employment is not mandatory. The Christiansburg Police Department will make every effort to accommodate all requests; however, no guarantee to supply personnel will be made. If your request can not be granted, you will be notified.

6) The Christiansburg Police Department requires a minimum of ten days advance notice prior to scheduling for any event.

7) A minimum of one officer is required for every one-hundred people at the event.

8) All requests for police service are subject to the approval of the Chief of Police, and, further, by agreeing to provide such extra duty police service, no greater liability or responsibility is created for the department, or its agents with respect to the detection, prevention, or enforcement of any law violations, nor is any greater obligation to any individual(s) created with regard to personal protection or safety.

9) The police department will not provide such service to any organization, individual, group, business or corporation that has in the past violated terms of the agreement, demonstrated a propensity toward any conduct that is unlawful, immoral, disruptive, dangerous, or otherwise detrimental to public order and safety, or that has shown a propensity toward conduct that is not agreeable to the standard on conduct generally acceptable by the community at large.

10) The Chief of Police has full authority to deny any overtime request if above conditions are not met.

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