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Sprinkler Permit Application

  1. Sprinkler Permit Application
    Building Department 100 E. Main St., Christiansburg, VA 24073 Phone: (540) 382-6120 Fax: (540) 381-7238
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  3. Contractors License Type
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  5. To be completed by any owner, or to provide contact information for contractor
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  7. Related Files
    Attach any files relevant to this application here. If you have more than three files to attach, please email them to or Christiansburg Town Code requires that any licensed contractor have a valid Virginia Business License and Certificate of Insurance to operate or do work within Town limits. If the total cost of construction related to this project is Under $25,000.00 another Virginia locality license can be honored. If you have that please upload here, along with a Certificate of Insurance, that includes Liability and Workers Compensation coverage.
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