What qualifies as acceptable documentation for expenses for which I am requesting grant funds?

Payroll: please submit both a payroll report (such as Excel or Quickbooks) and a bank statement showing that the payroll checks have cleared.

Rent: please submit a receipt from your landlord for the months that are being claimed which includes the amount, your business name, and the address. Alternatively, we would accept a lease document that contains the same information and a copy of a bank statement that shows payment.

Utilities, Insurance, Professional Services: please submit a copy of the bill and a bank statement showing that the payment was made.

Equipment, Inventory purchases, Supplies: please submit an itemized receipt of purchase showing what the purchase is and that it has been paid.

Note: we have been receiving a number of receipts that are blurry or poor quality (taken by phone). Please make sure they are readable before you upload and submit your application.

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11. What qualifies as acceptable documentation for expenses for which I am requesting grant funds?
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