Waste Water Treatment Facility

The Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) on Crab Creek Road opened in 1980. The facility was built to grow with the Town, with the capacity to treat 6 million gallons per day (MGPD). Currently, the facility treats an average of 3 MGPD and operates 7 days a week.

The wastewater division is further divided into three subdivisions:

The Laboratory responsibilities consist of bi-solids and pre-Treatment compliance with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).


This sub-division is responsible for the preventative maintenance and repairs to the WWTF and the seventeen (17) wastewater pump stations located throughout the Town.


The facility was built to receive and treat 6 MGPD and is currently receiving and treating 3 MGPD. Operations is responsible for assuring the treatment process is performed with compliance before releasing back into the environment. Public Hearing Scheduled for Sewer Use Ordinance on Tuesday, June 28