The Utilities division is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to any after-hour utility emergency, such as a water main breaks, sewer stoppages or frozen water. Find out more about services provided by this division below. To contact Public Works during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), call 540-382-1151. If you have an after-hours emergency, please call (540) 382-4343. (NOTE: The after hours number dials the NRV 911 Center, and dispatchers communicate with the necessary parties to address your call.) 


Responsible for some of the Town’s infrastructure projects and site development projects. These projects include: the Huckleberry Trail, Aquatic Center, Alleghany and Miller Utility Replacement and the Alder Lane Storm Water Pond.

Water Maintenance

Water Maintenance oversees the maintenance, repairs and installation of the Town’s water system, which consists of 150 miles of water main. Water Maintenance is also responsible for ensuring the Town’s water supply complies with local, state and federal standards.

Wastewater Maintenance

Wastewater Maintenance is responsible for maintaining, repairing and installing the Town’s sanitary sewer system, which consists of 155 miles of sewer main and 4,207 manhole structures. This division also provides assistance to customers experiencing a sewer issue in their home.

Got a sewer blockage?
Before you call a plumbing contractor, customers are encouraged to contact the Town so that Wastewater Maintenance can verify that the Town’s sewer system is operating properly. 

The Town’s responsibility is from the sewer main to the cleanout assembly (Town side) and the customer’s responsibility is from the Town’s cleanout to the home (customer side). If there is no issue found on the Town side of the cleanout and the sewer system is operating properly in the area, the customer will need to contact a plumbing contractor. 

Water Meter Operations

Responsible for maintenance, operation and compliance of the Town’s meter reading system consisting of 10,040 water meters (residential and commercial), four water storage facilities and four water pump station facilities. Water meter operations also performs the bimonthly meter reading, fire hydrant maintenance and quality and control of the water system. Additionally, it maintains and repairs the Town’s 764 fire hydrants by performing annual inspections, flow testing and routine maintenance.

The following water services are offered at no cost for customers.

  • Pressure check: If a customer is experiencing low or high pressure in their home, a technician will perform a pressure check to verify the pressure at the meter box and at the home.
  • Leak check: If requested, a technician will explain how to check for leaks inside a home.
  • Emergency turn-off: If a customer is experiencing an emergency, such as a burst pipe, and requires their water shut off at the meter, a technician will respond to cut the water service off. After the emergency has been resolved, the customer can call and a technician will return to restore water service. Only Town staff are allowed to operate the meter, and no other individuals or contractors are allowed inside the meter box.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is a combined effort among all Public Works divisions.

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