What is Neighborhood Services?

The Neighborhood Services Division was created to be a liaison between residents, the Town and community resources. The mission of Neighborhood Services is to protect the health, safety and welfare of Christiansburg. The division was created to assist residents with the maintenance of their properties and not to unnecessarily cite residents for violations nor to generate revenue for the Town from citations. Through proactively surveying the community, the Neighborhood Services Coordinator strives to seek out code violations before they become complaints from other residents. The goal is to build community relationships that help residents solve issues, problems or obstacles they are facing while beautifying the Town in the process, preventing blight, protecting property values and enhancing economic conditions. 

What is code compliance?

Code compliance encourages residents to invest in their properties and engages residents in the maintenance of their community, so everyone in Christiansburg can enjoy a clean, safe and beautiful environment. 

What are ordinances & codes?

Ordinances are regulations passed by Town Council that enhance a unified sense of identity among a community. 

Codes are laws passed by the town, state or federal governments that protect resident health, safety and welfare.

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Common Property Maintenance Codes

  1. Grass (Town Code 24-63 & 24-65): Maintain grass by mowing so that grass does not exceed 12 inches tall.
  2. Clean Yard (Town Code 24-63 & 24-65): Keep yards free from stagnant water, loose trash, tires, debris and other cluttering items, as well as free from the unsightly accumulation of such trash on the property.
  3. Vehicles (Town Code 34-1): Junk and inoperable vehicles are not permitted. Vehicles must be in working condition, fully assembled and have current license and registration information.
  4. Fences & Retaining Walls (Town Code 10-54 & VA Maintenance Code 302.7): Maintain fences and retaining walls in good repair and must also be structurally sound. 
  5. Address Numbers (VA Maintenance Code 304.3): All homes and places of business must have address numbers posted at the front of the property, and the numbers must be visible and legible from the street.
  6. Paint & Siding (VA Maintenance Code 304, 304.1, 304.2 & 304.6): Maintain exterior walls free of chipping, holes, breaks. Siding must also be intact.
  7. Outdoor Storage (Town Code 24-64 & 24-65): Store outdoor items in a neat and orderly fashion. Indoor furniture, appliances and trash should not be stored outside.
  8. Solid Waste Carts, i.e. Garbage & Recycling Carts (Town Code 28-45): Town-issued garbage and recycling carts should be placed for collection no later than 8 a.m. on their scheduled collection day. If you place your cart out later than 8 a.m., your solid waste may not be collected. All carts (Town-issued and private contractor-issued) must be retrieved from the curbside by 8 p.m. on your collection day. The best place to store your cart is in an indoor area such as a garage or shed. However, you may also store your cart outdoors, to the side or rear of your house.
  9. Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs & Their Enclosures (VA Maintenance Code 303.1 & 303.2): Maintain swimming pools in a clean and sanitary condition. Barriers for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs should be in good repair and structurally sound. 
  10. Line of Sight (Town Code 30-14): Planting of trees, shrubs or other vegetation, as well as the installation of fences, may pose a line of sight hazard for motorists. Vegetation shall be trimmed as to not hinder line of sight.
  11. Exterior Structure (VA Maintenance Code 304, 304.7 & 304.10): Maintain the exterior of buildings in good repair and must be structurally sound and sanitary, including decks, porches, stairways, roofs and gutters.

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