Tower Rd./Hampton Blvd./Roanoke St. Intersection

This project will construct traffic, pedestrian and I-81 preemption signal improvements including crosswalks, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and drainage improvements. Preliminary design is underway, and construction is estimated to begin fall 2021. This project is partially funded by VDOT.

Tower Rd_Final_10-30-17


  • Purpose – Improve traffic flow and enhance driver and pedestrian safety
  • From – Hampton Boulevard
  • To – Tower Road
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT) – 9,300 per day in 2018

Estimated Project Cost 

Total Estimated Cost: $1,574,242

  • Preliminary Engineering (PE): $305,355
  • Right of Way & Utilities (RW): $185,069
  • Construction (CN): $1,083,818

Total Funding Allocation: $1,574,242

  • Revenue Sharing Funds (50% Grant): $787,121
  • Local Revenue Sharing Funds Match (50% Match): $787,121

Anticipated Schedule

  • Right of Way Acquisition & Utility Relocations: February 2021
  • Begin Construction: January 2022

A link to the 60% plan submittal is available here.  The improvements shown thereon do not indicate that improvements to a property are imminent or that a decision on an improvement has been made.

Willingness to Hold a Public Hearing: No Responses

A willingness to hold a public hearing advertisement was placed requesting resident interest in the Town holding a public hearing for this project until May 4, 2020. No responses were received from the ad. Therefore, no public hearing will take place.