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Tax Rates
Local Rates
Tax Rate
Real estate $0.16 per $100 of assessed value
Personal property $0.45 per $100 of assessed value
Mobile homes $0.16 per $100 of assessed value
Machinery tools $0.45 per $100 of assessed value
Furniture / fixtures $0.45 per $100 of assessed value
Computer equipment $0.45 per $100 of assessed value
Meals tax 7.5% in addition to 5.3% state sales tax
Transient lodging tax 9% in addition to 5.3% state sales tax
Cigarette tax $0.40 per pack

Please note: Taxes on real estate, personal property, mobile homes, machinery tools, furniture / fixtures, and computer equipment are assessed by Montgomery County on January 1 for both county and town residents. All taxes are due by December 5 of each year. As a town resident, you are subject to taxation by both jurisdictions. Please see the Montgomery County website for their tax rates.