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Permit / Inspection
Building Permit Fees

Residential Fee (Per Square Feet of Total Space / Area to Be Build)
New construction $0.22
Modular homes and double-wides (Includes all floors, basement, carports, decks, or garages)
Commercial / Industrial Fee (Per 1,000 Value)
New commercial $3.50
Industrial construction
Other Residential Fee
Insulation $40.00
Change in mechanical equipment
Change in heating equipment
Change in ventilation equipment
Replacing HVAC equipment with same equipment No permit required
Miscellaneous Fees Fee
New / replacing a mobile home $100.00
Annual backflow / cross-connection test $40.00
Certificate of occupancy for existing structures $40.00
Water line or sewer replacement $40.00
Swimming pool $40.00
Moving of a building $100.00
Demolition (asbestos information required if built prior to 1985) $40.00
Asbestos removal $40.00
Electrical service addition or upgrade $40.00
Discontinued electrical service over 30 days $40.00
Re-Inspection Fee Fee
Payable before the re-inspection $100.00

Please note: Add state surcharge of 2% of permit fee to equal grand total. In any case, the minimum permit fee shall be $40. Download a copy of these fees.