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Standard Details
Index of Standard Details
Please note: November 1, 2004 is the revision date for all documents unless otherwise noted. Download the Index of Standard Details.

Number Name Revision Date
AR-1 Precast Chamber For Air Release Valve   
AR-3 Precast Chamber For Air Release Valve (Sewer)  
BO-1 Blow Off Assembly  
BP-1 Backflow Preventer Double Check Valve Assembly (3/4 to 2”)  
BP-2 Backflow Preventer Double Check/ Double Gate Valve Assembly (3” to 8”)  
CA-1 Reaction Blocking Water and Sanitary Sewer Force Main Facilities  
CA-2 Concrete Anchors (Crest Anchors)  
CA-3 Concrete Slope Anchor (For Slopes Over 20%)  
CA-4 Mechanical Restraining Devices for Ductile Iron Pipe  
CC-1 Concrete Cradle  
CE-1 Concrete Encasement  
CM-2 Compound Meter Installation Precast Vault  
CO-1 Sanitary Cleanout  
CO-2 Sanitary Cleanout for Bends Greater than 45 Degrees  
CO-3 Traffic Bearing Cleanout Cover  
CO-4 Buried Cleanout Plug  
CS-2 Typical Water or Sewer Main Location within Town Right-of-Way  
CS-3A Neoprene Sealed Casing Installation (1 of 2)  
CS-3B Neoprene Sealed Casing Installation (2 of 2)  
CS-4 Sealed Casing Installation with Plastic or Steel Collar  
CV-1 Check Valve Assembly and Bypass  
DP-1 Dumpster Pad and Screen Detail  
FC-1 Sanitary Sewer Standard Manhole Frame and Cover  
FC-4 Sanitary Sewer Watertight Manhole Frame and Cover  
FC-5 Water Standard Manhole Frame and Cover  
FH-1 Fire Hydrant Installation  
FH-2 Fire Hydrant Painting Schedule  
GD-1 Gate Detail  
GT-1 Grease Trap with Manhole Lids  
GT-2 Grease Trap with Access Hatches  
GT-3 1000 Gallon H-20 Load Rated Grease Trap  
HC-1 Waterline / Sanitary Sewer Crossing  
HC-2 Storm Drain / Sanitary Sewer Crossing  
HC-3 Sanitary Sewer House Connection  
HC-4 House Connection to Existing Sanitary Sewer Main  
HC-5 Lateral Connection to Polyethelene Sanitary Sewer Main  
HS-1 Handicap Parking Sign  
MC-1 Connection to Existing Manhole  
MH-1 Sanitary Sewer Precast Standard Manhole (Eccentric with Monolothic Base)  
MH-2 Sanitary Sewer Precast 5’-0” Diameter Manhole (Monolothic Base with Adaptor)  
MH-3 Manhole Invert Channeling  
MH-4 Sanitary Sewer Drop Pipe for Manhole Rehabilitation  
MH-5 Sanitary Sewer Precast Drop Manhole (Eccentric with Monolithic Base)  
MH-6 Manhole Connection Detail for Slopes Over 15%  
MH-7 New Cut-In Manhole on Existing Line  
MS-1 Standard Manhole Step  
MV-1 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Ventilation Type A  
MV-2 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Ventilation Type B  
RR-1 Riprap Stream Stabilization with Filter Cloth Underliner  
RV-1 Pressure Reducing Valve Installation  
RV-2 8” Pressure Reducing Valve Assembly with 2” Bypass  
RV-3 Pressure Reducing Valve Individual Service  
SC-1 Standard Water Service Connection  
SC-2 Dual Water Meter Installation  
SC-3 Water Meter Installation (For 1” to 2” Meters)  
SP-1 Sample Tap Installation  
SW-1 Typical Sidewalk Within Town Right-of-Way July 28, 2011
TA-1 Standard Cul-De-Sac  
TA-2 Offset Cul-De-Sac  
TA-3 “T” Shape Turn Around  
TB-1 Gravity Sewer Trench Bedding  
TB-2 Pavement Repair for Utility Trench  
TB-3 Pressure Pipe Trench Bedding  
TB-4 Pressure Main / Gravity Sewer Parallel Installation Trench Bedding  
TB-5 Flowable Fill Utility Cut Repair  
TB-7 Waterline Trench Bedding  
VB-1 Valve Box Installation  
VB-2 Small Valve Box Installation (Less than 2” or as specified)  
VB-3 Curb Stop and Box  
XS-1 Typical Road Section with Shoulder and Ditch  
XS-2 Typical Road Section with Curb and Gutter  
XS-3A Typical Road Section with Roll Top Curb and Gutter  
XS-3B Roll Top Curb Transition to Standard Curb Drop Inlet  
XS-3C Roll Top Curb and Gutter March 1, 2007