Senior Programs


Additional Information: The Christiansburg/Montgomery Triad S.A.L.T. (seniors and Law Enforcement Working Together) Council works on various projects to benefit senior citizens in the community. The council meets every third Tuesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at the Christiansburg Recreation Center; meetings are open to all senior citizens to attend. For additional information, please contact Tammy Caldwell, 540–382–2349, ext. 2003

Christmas Lunch50 & overTuesday, Dec. 171:30 p.m.Christiansburg Recreation Center
Triad Meeting50 & overTuesday, Feb. 181:30 p.m.Christiansburg Recreation Center
Craft Project50 & overTuesday, Mar. 172 p.m.Meet at English Meadows-Cburg
Shred-a-thon50 & overTuesday, April 213 - 6 p.m.Christiansburg Recreation Center


Additional Information: Join us for some exercise in the beautiful outdoors! We will stop for lunch after the hike. Participants are responsible for paying for their lunch.    Minimum: 4          Maximum: 8       Eligibility: 18 & over           Difficulty of all hikes: Flat

Dec. 2 - Mar. 4Tuesday, Mar. 10Leave Rec. Center at 9:30 a.m.$5/$10Polar Bear Hike-TBA
Dec. 2 - April 2Wednesday, April 8Leave Rec. Center at 9 a.m.$7/$14Black Ridge Trail-Blue Ridge Parkway


Additional Information:  Join us for everyone’s favorite game, bingo.  Each month there will be a different health topic prior to playing bingo. Lunch provided to registered participants.  This program is FREE; registration is required before deadline. Transportation provided from recreation center.   Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8                                        Location: Commonwealth Senior Living Christiansburg 

RegistrationEligibility DateTimeFee
Dec. 4 - Jan. 250 & overThursday, Jan. 9Noon - 2 p.m.Free, must pre-register
Dec. 4 - Feb. 450 & overTuesday, Feb. 11Noon - 2 p.m.Free, must pre-register
Dec. 4 - Mar. 1750 & overTuesday, Mar. 24Noon - 2 p.m.Free, must pre-register
Dec. 4 - April 1550 & overThursday, April 23Noon - 2 p.m.Free, must pre-register


Additional Information: IRS trained tax volunteers assist senior citizens with their personal tax returns. No business returns will be prepared. You must call and schedule an appointment at 382-2349. NO WALK INS.                 Registration Begins: January 6

Feb. 1 - Apr. 11Saturday9 a.m. - noonChristiansburg Rec. Center-Senior Activities Room
Feb. 3 - Apr. 13Mondays1 - 4 p.m.Christiansburg Rec. Center-Senior Activities Room
Feb. 4 - Apr 14Tuesdays1 - 4 p.m.Christiansburg Rec. Center-Senior Activities Room
Feb. 6 - Apr. 9Thursdays1 - 4 p.m.Christiansburg Rec. Center-Senior Activities Room.


Additional Information: Spend the afternoon with friends and creating themed crafts. Program will be held at Commonwealth Senior Living-Christiansburg Campus. Pre-register    Minimum: 5             Maximum: 8

Dec. 4 - Jan. 1550 & overThursday, Jan. 231:30 p.m.WinterFree; pre-register
Dec. 4 - Feb. 650 & overThursday, Feb. 131:30 p.m.Valentine's DayFree; pre-register
Dec. 4 - Mar. 2450 & overTuesday, Mar. 311:30 p.m.SpringFree; pre-register


Additional Information:  Come out and learn something new and exciting with our lunch and learns. There will be a different topic each time. Lunch is provided, Free                     Minimum: 5 Maximum: 15                                        Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center-Senior Activities Room 

RegistrationEligibility DateTopic Time
Dec. 4 - Jan. 750 & overTuesday, Jan. 14Hearing Health-Blue Ridge Soundz11 a.m.
Dec. 4 - Jan. 2950 & overThursday, Feb. 6Living with Parkinson's11 a.m.
Dec. 4 - Mar. 1850 & overWednesday, Mar. 25Navigating the Cancer Diagnosis11 a.m.
Dec. 4 - April 150 & overMonday, April 20InnovAge Virginia Pace11 a.m.


Additional Information: Join us for our monthly lunch outings to various restaurants in the area. Participants are responsible for paying for their own lunch and any additional expenses.
Minimum: 5           Maximum: 8

Sept. 9 - Dec. 918 & overMonday, Dec. 16Leave Rec. Ctr. at 10:30 a.m.$7/$14Ballest Point Brewery

Dec. 4 - Jan. 218 & overWednesday, Jan. 8Leave Rec. Ctr. at 10 a.m.$7/$14Open Door Cafe
Dec. 4 - Jan. 2818 & overTuesday, Feb. 4Leave Rec. Ctr. at 10:30 a.m.$7/$14Cheese Steak Factory-Salem
Dec. 4 - Mar. 518 & overThursday, Mar. 12Leave Rec. Ctr. at 10:30 a.m.$7/$14New Yorker-Roanoke
Dec. 4 - April 1418 & overWednesday, April 22Leave Rec. Ctr. at 10:15 a.m.$7/$14Papas-Pearisburg


Additional Information: Join us for Monday movies and refreshments. This program is FREE, register by the Monday before each movie.
Minimum: 4 Maximum: 12

Sept. 9 - Dec. 950 & overMonday, Dec. 1611 a.m. - 1 p.m.FREE
Dec. 4 - Jan. 2050 & overMonday, Jan. 2711 a.m. - 1 p.m.FREE
Dec. 4 - Feb. 1750 & overMonday, Feb. 2411 a.m. - 1 p.m.FREE
Dec. 4 - Mar. 1650 & overMonday, Mar. 2311 a.m. - 1 p.m.FREE


Additional Information: You and a guest are invited to an educational workshop where you can get answers to your Medicare questions. You’ll have a better understanding of Medicare and how it works so you can make the right choice for your needs. Speaker: Linda Walker, Humana
Minimum: 4 Maximum: 12    Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center

50 & overSaturday, Dec. 1410 a.m.FREE
50 & overSaturday, Jan. 1110 a.m.FREE
50 & overSaturday, Feb. 810 a.m.FREE
50 & overSaturday, Mar. 1410 a.m.FREE
50 & overSaturday, April 1110 a.m.FREE

ZUMBA GOLD          

Additional Information: This is a workout program based on Latin dances and steps that are easy to follow. Come enjoy this dance class that provides joy, fun and fitness! Pre–register.    Minimum: 12 Maximum: 25         6 weeks                                    Location: Multipurpose Room 2

Dec. 4 - Jan. 250 & overMonday, Jan. 69 - 10 a.m.$35/$65M/W/F


Additional Information: Do you have an Instant Pot or other brand of electronic pressure cooker and are nervous to use it?  Or are you thinking about getting one and want to learn more? This class will cover the basics of how to use the Instant Pot, as well as providing ideas of what it can be used for.  Several recipes will be demonstrated that you can taste test. Feel free to bring your own Instant Pot with you for hands-on instruction.   Minimum: 4    Maximum: 8

Dec. 2 - Jan. 2218 & overMonday, Jan. 276:30-8 p.m.$13/$23Rec. Ctr.-Kitchen
Dec. 2 - Mar. 1918 & overMonday, Mar. 236:30 - 8 p.m.$13/$23Rec. Ctr.-Kitchen


Additional Information: Everyone who has a Medicare Part D drug plan or a Medicare Advantage plan should use this opportunity to make sure that his or her plan is the best one for 2019. Counseling sessions will be held on a regular basis at the Christiansburg Recreation Center. Call the NRV Agency on Aging after October 1st at 540-980-7720 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins cannot be accepted.     Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center – Senior Activities Room

Mondays: Oct. 15 - Dec. 750 & over9 a.m. - 4 p.m.Free, must schedule apt.

STAMPIN UP                

Additional Information:Have you always wanted to try painting on canvas, but aren’t very artistic?  Then this is the class for you.  Learn to paint using simple step by step instructions and patterns.  Pre-register  Minimum: 8       Maximum: 15 

Sept. 9 - Dec. 1150 & overThursday, Dec. 1910 a.m. - noon$12 to be paid to instructor at class
Dec. 4 - Jan. 850 & overThursday, Jan. 1610 a.m. - noon$12 to be paid to instructor at class
Dec. 4 - Feb. 1250 & overThursday, Feb. 2010 a.m. - noon$12 to be paid to instructor at class
Dec. 4 - Mar. 1150 & overThursday, Mar. 1910 a.m. - noon$12 to be paid to instructor at class
Dec. 4 - April 850 & overThursday, April 1610 a.m. - noon$12 to be paid to instructor at class


Additional Information:Have you always wanted to try painting on canvas, but aren’t very artistic?  Then this is the class for you.  Learn to paint using simple step by step instructions and patterns.  Pre-register  Minimum: 8       Maximum: 15  

Dec. 4 - Dec. 3018 & overWednesday, Jan. 810:30 a.m.$15 fee includes all painting supplies
Dec. 4 - Jan. 2918 & overWednesday, Feb. 510:30 a.m. $15 fee includes all painting supplies
Dec. 4 - Feb. 2618 & overWednesday, Mar. 410:30 a.m.$15 fee includes all painting supplies

WELLNESS WORKSHOPS                

Additional Information: Join us for a one hour wellness workshop!  Attendees will learn the skills needed for a healthy lifestyle! A healthy snack will be provide at each workshop. Participants must sign up for each workshop individually   Minimum: 6             Maximum: 20

Sept. 3 - Dec. 6Thursday, Dec. 124 - 5 p.m.Keeping your Brain SharpFree, Must Pre-register

CHRISTMAS BINGO                    

Additional Information:Join us for bingo, refreshments and holiday cheer.   Pre–register. Participants will need to drive themselves to program.   Minimum: 6               Maximum: 8    Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center

Sept. 9 - Dec. 450 & overWednesday, Dec. 111 p.m.$4 and 4 quarters

HOLIDAY ORNAMENT CRAFT                     

Additional Information:Spend the afternoon socializing, making new friends while making a holiday ornament. Minimum: 5   Maximum: 8    Location: Commonwealth Senior Living-Christiansburg

Sept. 9 - Dec. 450 & overMonday, Dec. 231 p.m.$4 and 4 quarters


Additional Information: IJanuary is National Soup Month. Participants are to bring an ingredient to add to our soup pot, and those wishing to play bingo will also need to bring 4 quarters. PRE-REGISTER.  Minimum: 5 Maximum: 16

Dec. 4 - Jan. 1450 & overTuesday, Jan. 2111 a.m.See note above


Additional Information: In this class, the instructor will demonstrate a soup, stew and chili recipe for you to taste test and add to your winter recipe rotation. You will also go home with a full belly and a copy of the recipes. All recipes will be less than 500 calories per serving. Feel free to bring your own Instant Pot with you for hands-on instruction.  Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8

Dec. 4 - Jan. 2150 & overTuesday, Jan. 2811 a.m.Free


Additional Information: Presenter will highlight effective strategies to access consumer information for locating quality home health care services and community-based care services for older adults and adults with disabilities. Information on utilizing Home Health Compare for reviewing health care data will also be presented.   Minimum: 10 Maximum: 15

Jan. 2 - Feb. 518 & overMonday, Feb. 106:30 - 8 p.m.$13/$23

SUPPER CLUB          

Additional Information: Join us for an evening outing for supper to various restaurants in the area. Pre-Register    Minimum: 6    Maximum: 16

Dec. 4 - Feb. 518 & overThursday, Feb. 13Leave Rec. Ctr. at 4 p.m.$7/$14Hollywood's


Additional Information: Bingo is an old-fashioned game that never goes out of style. We’ve added a chocolate twist for our annual Valentine’s celebration. Each participant brings two wrapped, full sized candy bars to be placed in the prize pool. Participants are requested to bring their favorite chocolate confection to share for refreshments. Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8

Dec. 4 - Feb. 750 & overFriday, Feb. 141 p.m.See note above


Additional Information: Potatoes are low in calories — a medium-sized baked potato contains only about 110 calories. They are a good source of vitamins C and B6. Potatoes, toppings and drinks provided, followed by bingo. Pre-register. Minimum: 10 Maximum: 15   Pre-register.    Location: Recreation Center MPRM 2

Dec. 2 - Feb. 18
Tuesday, Feb. 251 p.m.$4 plus 4 quarter for bingo

BOOK SWAP              

Additional Information: Drop off a maximum of 10 books between the hours of 8 – 5 p.m. at least two days before the scheduled Book Swap at 4 p.m. on the day the swap is held, you will be allowed to select different books to take home to enjoy.        Pre-register.    Location: Recreation Center Classroom 1

Dec. 2 - Feb. 19
Tuesday, Feb. 25
4 - 5 p.m.$1 non-refundable


Additional Information: March is National Nutrition Month. Join us for simple, easy snacks and an air fryer demo. Nutritional snack recipes and nutritional information on oil frying vs air frying will be provided.  Pre-Register          Minimum: 4 Maximum: 6

Dec. 4 - Mar. 350 & overTuesday, Mar. 1011 a.m.$6/$12


Additional Information: Checking up on your health has never been easier! Join Carilion Clinic, in partnership with Christiansburg Recreation Center, as we offer a FREE blood pressure, blood sugar and Diabetes Risk Assessment/ Registration is not required, just show up! Results are available in minutes! For more information, please contact Ashley Hash, Community Health Educator at (540) 731-2027 Pre-register.

18 & overMonday, Mar. 169 - 11 a.m.Free


Additional Information: All vehicles carry a federally-assigned number known as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Making sure those numbers are marked permanently on a vehicle’s windows steers thieves away. The windows of stolen VIN etched vehicles must be stripped and replaced before a thief can get rid of the car, a costly and time - consuming process.  VIN etching is simple, fast, safe and won’t mar the look of the vehicle. Numbers are etched into the glass with a chemical solution and those numbers will be there for good.       Location: Christiansburg Fire Department

Monday, Mar. 163 - 6 p.m.Free


Additional Information: Join us as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with food and bingo.   Pre-register.                        Minimum: 4            Maximum: 10

Dec. 4 - Mar. 1050 & overTuesday, Mar. 1710 a.m.$4 plus 4 quarters


Additional Information: Join us for lunch and a mystery craft. Pre-register.   Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8

Dec. 4 - Mar. 3150 & overTuesday, April 71 p.m.$15 includes lunch and craft supplies


Additional Information: Come out for some friendly competition and lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers, baked beans, chips, dessert and drinks.  Awards to 1st and 2nd place winners. Tournament will be double elimination. Pre-register      Minimum: 5       Maximum: 13

Dec. 4 - April 218 & overThursday, April 910 a.m.$7


Additional Information: Dirty pour painting is a technique where all colors are added to a cup or container at the same time and then poured together to create an acrylic pouring paint effect.    Location: Classroom 2                            Minimum: 5         Maximum: 8

Dec. 4 - April 950 & overThursday, April 161 p.m.$10 includes all supplies


Additional Information:  The AARP Driver Safety Program is the nation’s first and largest refresher course for drivers age 50 and older. The program has helped millions of drivers protect their safety on today’s roads. AARP has offered its classroom course since 1979. The training is designed to help you: tune up your driving skills and update your knowledge of the rules of the road. Learn about normal, age–related physical changes. Find out how to adjust your driving to allow for these changes. Reduce your traffic violations, crashes, and chances for injuries. Drive more safely. Get an insurance discount. Auto insurance companies in most states provide multiyear discounts to AARP members! Pre–Register.                     Minimum: 10 Maximum: 25

Dec. 4 - April 1350 & overMonday, April 20 & Tuesday, April 219 a.m. - 1 p.m.$15 AARP Members
$20 Non AARP Members

SHRED -A -THON      

Additional Information: Help prevent identity theft and shred unwanted documents.  Protect your important information and clean out the clutter. For more information contact Tammy Caldwell, 540-382-2349 ext. 2003 or email:  This is a drive thru event, no walk-ups will be allowed.  Papers to be shredded are preferred to be in plastic storage bin or box, no bigger than 22.5x18x11.5 limit 3 per car.  .  Please make sure you only have documents to be shredded.  Items that can’t be shredded include: Metal, including 3 ring binders, composition notebooks, hanging file folders, paint brushes, padlocks, hardback books, keys, eyeglasses, bungee cords, etc.                 Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center Parking Lot

Tuesday, April 213 - 6 p.m.Christiansburg Recreation Center Parking Lot