Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automated Solid Waste Collection? 

Automated collection is a process that allows one operator to control a mechanical arm that will lift specially designed trash cans and dump the contents into the body of the garbage truck.

Each garbage collection customer will receive one two-wheeled 96-gallon cart upon signing up for service.

How will the Town know which cart is assigned to me?

Each cart has an assigned serial number that is linked to the account holder’s address.

Where should I place my cart on collection day? 

Your cart must be placed either in the street with the wheels against the curb (preferred), at the end of your driveway or on the curb/yard beside of the street.

If the placement of your cart in the street will obstruct traffic, then it should instead be placed at the end of your driveway, on the curb or at the edge of your yard beside the street.

Please make sure that the cart is level, the arrows on your cart’s lid points toward the street and your cart is at least three feet from all fixed objects such as mailboxes, trees, street lights or parked vehicles. Please leave a three foot gap between carts placed next to each other.

Please make sure your cart isn't blocked by a parked car, tilted or too close to a tree or mailbox.

Please remember that all garbage must be placed inside of the provided cart to be collected. Any garbage outside of the container cannot be loaded by the automated truck. All smaller items in the containers need to be placed into a sealed bag. Please note that if the lid on your cart is not closed, any garbage that falls outside of the cart will not be collected.

May I use anything other than the Town provided carts for trash collection?

No. All trash must be placed in the provided cart.

What time do I need to have my carts at the curb?

Please have your cart placed for pickup by 8 a.m. If you place your cart out later than 8 a.m., your garbage may not be collected.

Can I put bags or my regular trash cans next to the carts?

No. All trash must be placed in the provided cart.

If your trash is not placed inside the designated cart, the items cannot be collected.

What if I need more than one cart?

If you need additional containers, you may purchase additional trash service. Each additional cart is $17/month (which includes one pickup per week).

Additional service may be set up by calling 540-382-9519 or by filling out and sending in the Garbage Cart Request Form (PDF).

What can I do if I occasionally have more garbage than will fit in my cart?

You can store non-perishable garbage (e.g., wrapping paper, boxes and packaging material) and add it to your garbage the following week.

We encourage all organic (e.g., yard trimmings, etc.) and food waste to be composted or disposed of separately from your garbage. This will conserve valuable landfill space, reduce volume in your cart and further reduce odor.

If you are moving and have a significant volume of trash, you can either call a Town representative at 540-382-1151 to place a work order (fees apply) or transport it to the MRSWA landfill (located at 555 Authority Dr.).

Don't forget to recycle! The Town provides mixed paper and commingled container recycling drop-sites at the following locations: Recycling Location Map (PDF)

If high garbage volume becomes a consistent issue, you may need to contact the Town at 540-382-9519 for additional garbage collection service (fee applies).

What if an item is too bulky to fit into my cart?

Items that are too large to fit into the cart may be stored until the fall or spring cleanup period or you may contact the Town at 540-382-9519 to request a special pickup (fees apply).

The 96-gallon cart is too large for me. May I request a smaller cart?

Customers may request a different size cart by downloading a Garbage Cart Request Form (PDF) or by calling 540-382-9519.

All customers will automatically receive the 96-gallon cart. However, if you know that you will require a smaller size, you may request the 48-gallon size cart.

We strongly encourage customers to try the 96-gallon cart as there may be times throughout the year that you may need the larger capacity.

Garbage Cart Request Form (PDF)

Will I be charged less if I use a smaller can?

No. The smaller sized can is intended as a convenience for citizens who may have difficulty with the 96-gallon size. However, the cost of collection will not change.

I would like to start with a smaller cart, but what if I later decide that I need a larger one?

If you choose to have the smaller cart delivered to your address, but later decide to switch to the larger cart, we will exchange your cart free of charge.

What will I do if I move?

The cart will be linked to your account, so as long as you continue to have garbage collection service with the Town, you may take your container to your new address.

If you are unsure your new residence is eligible for Town garbage collection, please call 540-382-9519 for further guidance.

If you wish to discontinue your garbage collection service or need to update your address information, please call 540-382-9519.

What will I do if I am physically challenged and unable to get my container to the street?

Assistance is available to persons with a verified disability.

Garbage Cart Assistance Form (PDF)

If you have difficult maneuvering the 96-gallon cart, you may wish to request the 48-gallon sized cart.

Request a Garbage Cart (PDF)

Which areas within the Town are eligible for garbage collection service?

The areas that are eligible for garbage collection service are the areas that are currently receiving utility services (water and/or sewer) through the Town and are accessible to a garbage truck.

Garbage Collection Map (PDF)

I'd like to sign up for garbage collection service through the Town. How do I do that?

It's easy to sign up for garbage collection! Just call 540-382-9519 or visit Town Hall at 100 East Main Street.

Where should I store my cart?

The best place to store your cart is in an indoor area such as a garage or shed. You may also store your cart outdoors, to the side or rear of your house.

Please note that the “footprint” of the 96-gallon cart is about 1.5 times the size of a standard 32-gallon garbage can.

Do the carts have a weight limit?

Yes. The weight limit of the 96-gallon cart is a total of 300 lbs. The weight limit of the 48-gallon cart is a total of 150 lbs.

How should I care for my cart?

Cleaning your cart with water and mild detergent will help prevent odor and keep the cart looking nice. Please note that all ashes are prohibited from being placed into your garbage. Composting ash waste is recommended.

Carts are the property of the Town of Christiansburg and under no circumstance shall they be defaced by means of vandalism, painting, marking and/or all other alterations. Should any such damage be noted by a field operator, the account holder will be notified.

What should I do if my cart is damaged or stolen?

If your cart is damaged, please call the Town at 540-382-9519. A staff member will be sent to your residence to repair or replace your cart. The Town is not responsible for carts left unattended. Please note that this service is provided to you, free of charge only if the damage occurred during regular use.

If your cart is stolen, you will first need to file a report with the Christiansburg Police Department at 540-382-3131. Then, contact the Town by calling 540-382-9519 for a replacement cart.

What if I still have questions? 

If you still have questions about automated solid waste collection, please call 540-382-1151.