Huckleberry Trail

The Huckleberry Trail is an eight-mile, paved trail that connects Christiansburg to neighboring Blacksburg. 

The Huckleberry Trail has several convenient access points in Christiansburg, including the Christiansburg Recreation Center and the New River Valley Mall. The trail crosses the road to Warm Hearth Village, as well as Hightop and Merrimac roads. Parking is available at both ends of the trail, with additional parking available at the New River Valley Mall and the Warm Hearth Village, Hightop and Merrimac crossings.

The Town of Christiansburg is continuing to expand the Huckleberry Trail toward downtown. The most recent phase, Phase IID, was recently completed and extends the trail to the Food Lion Shopping Center on North Franklin Street. 

The next phase, Phase III, is currently in design and will extend the trail from the Food Lion Shopping Center to Christiansburg High School on Independence Boulevard.

There are benches along the trail for users who need to rest.

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