Downtown Watershed Study

Note: This page will be updated with additional information as the study progresses.

The Town of Christiansburg recently received a grant from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation to conduct a downtown watershed study. The goal of this study is to evaluate drainage and flooding problems along Towne Branch (a tributary of Crab Creek that flows through Depot Park) and its floodplains, and to develop a list of planned drainage improvements by the Town.

We need your help! To provide our consultant with the best information about known flooding issues, we are asking that you attend a community meeting on Thursday, October 26, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Council Chambers at Christiansburg Town Hall, 100 E. Main St. The Town’s consultant will make a brief presentation about the study goals, and then we will be available to talk with all those in attendance about your concerns related to flooding and drainage issues in downtown Christiansburg.


After the community meeting, we'll ask attendees to complete a Comment Form, which can also be found online.

Please submit Comment Forms by November 24, 2017. You can also mail the comment forms to: 100 E. Main Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073 or drop them off at the Engineering Department at Town Hall. For additional information, please call (540) 382-6120.

This map shows the area that will be covered in the downtown watershed study.

watershed map

Background and Needs 

Towne Branch is a tributary to Crab Creek. The 1,284-acre watershed includes Christiansburg’s downtown area, as well as multiple residential neighborhoods. A storm drain infrastructure project along and upstream of the 0.2% zone extending due south along Phlegar and Chrisman Streets is a high-priority project and this study is necessary to determine if downstream improvements need to be completed before this project is initiated.

A storm event occurring on September 29, 2015, resulted in flooding in the watershed. The residential neighborhood along Phlegar and Chrisman Streets that can be identified by looking along the north-south oriented sub-branch on the Towne Branch Watershed Boundary Map was particularly impacted by this event. A preliminary cost estimate of $1,500,000 for a storm drain system to serve Chrisman and Phlegar streets is based on a system that will provide drainage to an area including 27 residences. The developed hydrologic data from this study will be used for design purposes. The Town of Christiansburg administration recognizes the need for sustained capital investment towards stormwater-related projects. Town Council approved a Stormwater Enterprise Fund effective July 1, 2016, as a revenue source to address water quality regulatory obligations, flooding issues, and storm drain maintenance needs. The Town anticipates that the Downtown Watershed Study results will provide justification for subsequent matching grant funding applications.

Summary: The proposed Downtown Watershed Study will provide critical information on the study area as well as upstream residential areas including the priority Chrisman Street and Phlegar Street residential area. The proposed study report and public outreach to discuss the findings and seek public input will provide an educational opportunity for Town citizens. The study results will assist in determining the capital improvement plan costs, scheduling, and needs for construction grant funding.